Wednesday, December 5, 2012

C_n Y__ R__D TH_S? (Can You Read This?)

_'m  w_ll_ng  t_  b_t  th_t  y__  c_n  _sp_c_lly  _f  y__  m_k_  _n  _ff_rt.  St_d__s  h_v_  sh_wn  th_t  wh_r_   v_w_ls  _r_   m_ss_ng  fr_m   w_rds,  th_   h_m_n   m_nd   c_mp_ns_t_s   f_r   th_ m_ss_ng   l_tt_rs.

Perhaps this will be easier for you:

I bleieve taht it was a sduty form Cmbardige Uvenisrtey taht  dmneoestartd taht wehre wrdos are mxied up, so lnog as the frist and lsat lrettes rmaein the smae, the bairn porcsses the ifonratmion nraely as qiukcly as it wulod nromllay do.  

Hnoestly, I hvae been so tmepetd to wirte a wolhe bolg psot tihs way: the ailtbiy to baerk erevy rlue in the Egnislh lguangae and tmuhb my nsoe at all the tlotatiairan Eglinsh taehcres I hvae eevr kownn is srontg.  I am sitll cnovyenig my maennig, wilhst shttrieang all of the rlues.  I garuatene taht smoehwere out tehre, an egnislh taehcre is seffurnig a fit of aoppxely.

And, for smoe prevrese raeosn, taht meaks me silme.  

So, at any rate, the mind is an amazing thing.  Use yours wisely!  

Before I sign off for today, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who voted me to the top in the TMUK 2012 Allen Awards!  These awards are given by voter response in the Mentalism community, and I received the nod for the Best Writer Category for 2012, shared with two of the more admired names in our field.  I am very pleased for the show of support - it is nice that my work on The Prodigal has been so well received.

That's all for today.  I am toying with starting another systematic examination of something.  I just can't decide which subject to look at first.  There is something I'd like to talk about but can't at the moment.  It may be a few weeks before I am allowed to introduce the subject, so watch for it - all will be revealed!




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