Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The General Election Turmoil and the Polls

Having spent a lot of time over the last year performing as a mental magician in Nottingham, I have met a lot of people recently.  I'll drive to and from gigs and I'll often listen to the radio as I travel.

As the recent general election in Britain loomed, one thing was certain.  This was going to be yet another hung parliament.  Every pundit agreed on that.  There were poll leads for one party or the other very early on, but as it came down to the wire, everyone agreed that it was going to be a tie with up to a month of wrangling and jockeying for position before a government would be formed.

And then, rather extraordinarily for everyone who hadn't read my blog, the Conservatives crushed Labour and won an outright majority.

Why do I think people who read my blog wouldn't have been shocked by this news?  Simply because I've talked extensively in the past about the polls and how thoroughly unreliable they are.

These polls were recently discussed in an interesting article, which I'll leave you with - and I encourage you to search through my blog and find my posts on polls:



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