Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Automatic Writing - I Thought It Was Fake

I write.

I write a lot.

And I read a lot too.  So as a result, I am always interested when I see things that make me think.  Then I think about those things and what I think about them and gradually form an opinion.

Well, one of the things I read about and was kind of interested in was the idea of automatic writing.

Automatic writing is writing that is produced when the conscious mind is switched off and the mind is in a trance like state.

Hogwash, right?

Yeah.  Absolute nonsense.

Which is WHY I was so flabbergasted when it happened to me.  As I said, I write a lot.  Well, last night around one in the morning, I was feeling particularly creative - I like to write at night - and so instead of going to bed, I sat down with my laptop and started bashing the keys.

I am working on a fiction story and was enjoying playing God to my characters, moving things along with alacrity when I woke up, distinctly aware that my fingers were no longer moving.

It feels weird to be writing and then wake up.  Eerie.

Reading what I had written was even more disturbing, and just to prove how weird this phenomenon of automatic writing is, I've included the full text below.  I haven't changed any of the typographical errors that exist, so please forgive me for that.  I think in some cases it is clear what the intended meaning was, but I'll let you decipher this as you choose.  Either way, I am fascinated by what appears to be a transcript of every thought my mind seems to have begun, discarded, and interwoven.

And I now believe completely in automatic writing.

Here is the madness that I woke up to find before me:

"The electrical storm pushes a wall of cool and nervous air toward me, brushing my hair from my forehead as I contemplate where the last future went wrong. I think it was Sennrosen, and so he is a natural place to start.

You'd think the easiest thing to do would be to kill him, but surprisingly, the best way to do with things that even my moon puppy is to express yourself in the dynamics of the fantasy era and promise to walter that he will be forgotten. In fact, when you visit with your brain surgeon you should tell him that I am watching. That will freak him out.

So no, Sennrosen wouldn't die. Hitler hadn't had to die. In fact, there was a saved version of him in Utiopa and he was always very kind to me anytime I needed anything you would just hear him sigh and get the towel out for me, it must be sad to know your wife is the one evryone wants to visit on a saturday afternoon. But nobody touched the end of the bottle and certainly nobody ate a packet of worms because that'd be weird right? My question to you is even if you somehow know all of this stuff, who are you not amazed at yourself that you haven't got a key huh? I wonder if the door would be still open then when I am back from the rodent assembly. I dance angrily at you and watch you come at me bro. I don't have a hatchet but I am feeling a serious stain upon his character and aspersions being counted and aidan had five of them to hear him sing te pictures of my mother and under the sofa. I don'k know where the milky pickle has gone to but Jupiter is lovely tongith and I like how the world iarcial brocolli and bratvurst. I like how the sky is lovely in the night sky. I don't think I could ever have done this and I'nm so happy that she ifpeodo lists and forced him to join as well. I don't want it in my back yard and I don't know how to capture these dreams more clearly. I no qualms about breaking charager so I told that to alphie and then lose them because of wearing a hoody and I am impressed from where theffighting in the fields and hillocks and they can take the month because it makes no sense.

Even when I lie back on the biscuit and taste the relaxation of the nightmare problems that brownies have created while my head nods toward the core of the earth and I wonder if anone else likes the color pink more than yellow I know that I have been spotted by the giant with the big shoes and grewy shoelaces are better than orange ones but only just. String beans are also not as good as the color brown and I always like dbrown when I was little but nobody thiought it should be a favorite color of mine because it was too bland when the truth Is that you were too bland and Ionly got the ptet because it made my head light and fried is always better than homecooked because I ghousld have grtea nobble and when I tough the shingled nad tleka dwonder what the words will be if when I sleep and type then the numbers on the board are lined out for me and the lottoery will be won by a man who does thi sand you will see him cry as he rolls around in the grass but not next to the road because then he might die but I know he is pretend, so he can die, I guess. But if you have to have me do this all the time then it certainly couldn't be the same place again as it was before I got the watch fixed because she wanted me to go with her but I didn't because you are now in the full sunlight of the soul that I am now sharing with chuck from the television and he has legos and I like to play with im.. when I am dressed up and go out then asher comes to get nice doors. We should probably go with him because I don't trust some of the noised that I hear behind me and it sounds like th edog is really right here instead of wearing a red uniform nnd there is definitely a reason amber wants un to cll the lime squad because sll no I am not going to shoot these for sycrets and castles an dmemory thought he is keen to help where he can and this free wrigint is so creeby.

Well the integriation problem is solved but the themesong didnt work and s I now have an idea for what you say perfecly. But the guy on a motor bike bac cleal=rly if I t is your ai will ebe solooch house is instead of the pages of milk but he mate hang out with tall and mull of Kennedy's wasfprouduced a rajjundret than who routinely tke the diapers out south and I don't know if thw scooter once hd epushing the dvd tward that dan you take this book and type it out then the this is my sales piweatuwant to try some room on I oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

Like I said - weird, right?

I wonder if everyone has thought spaghetti sloshing around in their brains or if it is just me.

I'm kind of interested in this and am tempted to see if I can make it happen again.

But maybe not.  I once worked (very briefly) in an asylum and this almost looks like the full flow of inexplicable consciousness you hear from those who can't raise the filter of the conscious mind.

I've never thought about this before - Maybe those poor unfortunates are forever dreaming, and that might not be so bad after all.



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