Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doctor Gomillion?! I Don't Think So...

Last week was great and full of opportunities.  Two of my books received fantastic reviews in industry publications and I was also able to close a few very important deals with distributors.  My bookings have also picked up and this week is fairly busy.

I have just finished performing for a very enthusiastic crowd at Tacoma's Grit City Comedy Club - an experience that I enjoyed immensely and that was filled with a LOT more swear words than I am typically used to.  Thankfully, these expletive-laced monologues were the result of astonishment and incredulity, and not accompanied with threats of violence.  One rather long sentence (about twenty words in all) that I recall being uttered had four words in total that are fit for human consumption:

That's, some, serious & Vegas

The rest of the sentence was full of language that would have astonished a seasoned sailor.  I was approached after the show and booked by another entertainer to open a show of his next month.  I look forward to this.

I'm set to perform again tomorrow night.  This one will be particularly entertaining, as I performed in the same venue last week and left the proprietor with an envelope with the words "Keep Safe!  Do NOT Open!" scrawled across the front of it.  His reaction was priceless, and if all goes well tomorrow, I will have some pictures to share next week.

Then I'm scheduled to do an hour long radio show on Thursday, and have also been booked for Saturday as well to entertain at a luncheon.  

While all of this is good news, I have other projects in the works and am having to set them to one side for a moment while I make the necessary preparations for the shows this week.

I've also taken responsibility for producing a blog on another website, and if you throw in my daily responsibilities as a husband and father, I'm finding myself stretched rather thin at the moment.

But I enjoy putting smiles on people's faces, and sharing moments of pure wonder with them, so it is all worth it.

In the meanwhile, I'd like to extend congratulations to my brother-in-law who is finishing his Doctorate in some rather clever computer-related topic that I don't fully comprehend.  He has just been extended an offer to work in Michigan at some university somewhere.  I am proud of him and his efforts, but will never call him Doctor unless the last name in the title is changed to some appallingly humiliating appellation...  That's just our style.

I'd also like to extend my congratulations to my friend Ali - he will be married in a few weeks time and I am extremely happy for him.  I wish him all the best.

On another note, I am excited for the following:

The release of the new Arrested Development season.
The arrival of the new expansion for a board game called 'Super Dungeon Explore'.
The creation of a 'Chuck' movie...I'm not sure if this will ever happen, but I am hoping very much.

Each is worth having a look into.

Have a great week!



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